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Thingiverse ist eines der bekanntesten Verzeichnisse für druckbare 3D-Objekte im Internet, welches von der Firma Makerbot betrieben wird.

Nahezu täglich stellen dort unzählige Enthusiasten neue nützliche 3D-Objekte aus den Bereichen Kunst, Haushalt, Hobby, Schmuck, Bildung sowie Werk- und Spielzeug vor. Neben einer mehr oder weniger ausführlichen Beschreibung und Bebilderung stehen meist auch die druckbaren STL-Dateien kostenfrei zum Download bereit.

HINWEIS: Vor einer kommerziellen Nutzung von 3D-Objekten sollte man trotz der Kostenfreiheit im Sinne der fairen Nutzung des Designs immer den Kontakt zum Ersteller suchen und eine Art Lizenz- bzw. Nutzungsgebühr für das Design aushandeln.

Auf dieser Seite findet ihr eine Übersicht der 30 neuesten Objekte auf Thingiverse (in englisch):

Suzuki Samurai Stereo Mount.

Stereo Case for this Stereo and speakers combo from amazon. I put this in my suzuki samurai. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V3RIG8C?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details.

Ofusho headpones case wall mount

Ofusho Bluetooth headphones wall mount. The case is bulky and I use headphones only for jogging. The above case I mounted in the hall closet on double-sided tape.

I printed it with no supports on Ender 3.

75mm Spool for D3D Sigma Filament refills

I designed this spool to fit a 75mm D3D Sigma filament refill using minimal filament to make. The slots in the outer spool make it easy to load the filament before cutting its zip ties.

The SCAD files are included to provide a starting point for anyone wanting to make a spool for a refill with a different sized tube.

The walls of the spool may be a bit more flexible than some people are comfortable with.

This work makes use of the following libraries:

  • Round-Anything library by IrevDev
  • ISO-standard Metric Threads library by Dan Kirshner

ball shaped bath bomb mold

This is a bath bomb mold

Vise sliding plate Nano Vise

Merged the nano vise base to jaw plate

Bloggie lens adapter for OpenMV board


Just a simple hack to press fit a Bloggie MHS-PM5 lens to a OV7725-M7 OpenMV lens.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Combadge

Star Trek TNG Combadge.

Prints in two parts, pressure fit together.

WW1 Era Rotary Engine Replica

This is a replica of a WWI-era rotary engine. Many people have heard of radial engines on airplanes, but not many have heard of rotary engines. While they have some similarities, they are substantially different. Radial engines are fixed in place and have pistons that move in a reciprocating fashion, forcing the crankshaft to rotate. In rotary engines, on the other hand, the whole engine accommodates the reciprocating pistons by rotating around the crankshaft. In radial engines, the propeller is connected to the spinning crankshaft, while the main engine is connected to the airplane body. In rotary engines, the crankshaft is connected to the airplane, and the propeller is bolted to the spinning engine.

This model has a detachable propellor, allowing the crankshafts to be seen.

Video of replica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5ympRvHv00

Requires 5mm inner diameter 16mm outer diameter ball bearing: https://www.amazon.com/XiKe-Precision-Bearings-Pre-Lubricated-Bearings/dp/B071RXC7FV/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=5mm+inner+diameter+15mm+outer+diameter+ball+bearing&qid=1634438113&sr=8-11

15 degrees Sharpening Guide

Remixed Whetstone Sharpener Helper / Sharpening Guide from 16 degrees to 15 degrees

MPCNC Dewalt DW660 Crosshair Laser Mount (Burly)

I saw a youtube video of a guy who puts a crosshair laser on his CNC to use for X and Y zeroing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m_K9WfCiEY
I loved the idea. He linked to the products that he uses in the video, so I suggest you go check it out. One of the parts is an aluminum mounting bracket for $12. I figured we could do better so I modified the lower lock to accept the laser!

Don't hate me, but I used a #6-32 x 3/4 inch screw and corresponding nut, simply because it's what I had on hand.

I'm attaching all the files to allow anyone to modify or change what I did. In truth I would probably move the laser out just a little bit more, you had to side it in from the bottom because it doesn't clear the router at the top. It's close and wasn't worth a tweak and reprint for me.

Print in place fidget spinner (no additional parts required)

This print in place fidget spinner requires no bearings. The design was inspired by makers muse's tolerance test. I haven't tried it with supports but i think that would help with the quality of the underside of the inner piece.

Diatone GT R349 analog antenna mount

Simple, but sturdy antenna mount for the back of your drone.

To install, remove the two metal posts at the rear of the frame, insert them into the mount, attach your antenna adapter and re-install them onto the drone.

I do not remember what the name of the adapter I used is, but if you are in the hobby you may be able to find something that will work with ease.

1/72 CREW DUKE Antenna

1/72 DUKE CREW Antenna.

Counter IED antenna for vehicles first used in the middle east.

NUC Tripod Mount

Base plate and tripod dovetail for mounting Intel NUC to RT90c tripod. However, it should work on all tripods with 1.5-inch diameter legs.

Kumiko Pattern Customizer

This is a Kumiko pattern customizer. You can create panels with tiles of the selected pattern.

Source code it hosted on GitHub, which has a cool online STL viewer: https://github.com/glaza/gospel/tree/master/examples/Kumiko

Supported Patterns


  • KakuAsanoha
  • KakuTsunagi
  • MasuTsunagi
  • MieMasuTsunagi
  • ChochinMasuTsunagi
  • GomaGara
  • Tsutsuidutsu


  • MitsuKude
  • Asanoha
  • Bishamon

OpenForge Narrow Bridge Sloped End

I like to have my bridges sit flush to the table and the original ends for the narrow stone bridge by devonjones had a step. This went against the concept of not having steps, but gentle slopes in the narrow design. So I just designed a similar stone pattern to match his design and have it transition from flat ground to the bridge ends.

Lower Rear Arm K969/K989

Lower rear arm for k989/k969.
Only works with mono shock mod.
It is slightly longer and lower then stock, adding some camber and ground clearance for the frame.
You will need to polish/size ball cup with metal ball head and drill out the other holes.


PLA 1.75, 0.4, 222, 60
All free

Lower Front Arm K969/K989

Lower front arm for k989/k969.
Mono shock mod only.
It is slightly longer and lower then stock, adding some camber and ground clearance for the frame.
You will need to polish/size ball cup with metal ball head and drill out the other holes.

Upper Arm K969/K989

K989/K969 Upper Arm for front or rear with mono shock mount.
Uses all the same parts to install and is the same length hole to hole.

Size/polish ball cup with metal ball head
Drill holes to size

Dewenwils remote control power switch holder

Remote power switch controller holder.

For Dewenwils brand switch remote like the one shown here ...


Files attach include the FreeCad source code and STL file generated for RepRap.

Weller Solder Aid Kit Holder

Designed to hold the 6-piece Weller Solder Aid Kit sold at Home Depot.

Hex Container

A hexagon container composed of hexagons.

Oreo and Bited Oreo Keycain

I remake a Oreo to make a keychain adding a gap in the middle. You can add a ring or a string and glue it . Also I desing a bited one.

Holder for a card holder to the top gantry on your printer.

Need a place to hold a card lanyard on your printer this works.

X-Wing Republic & Rebel Bins for Stanley Storage Containers

Storage bins for X-Wing: The Miniatures Game designed to fit in Stanley 25-Compartment Shallow Pro Small Parts Organizer (Model #014725R). Most of my kit is prints of Moebest's fantastic work, but I was willing to sacrifice aesthetics for efficiency wherever possible, knowing that the dial storage bin can be more efficient that storing the dial with the ship. Using TinkerCAD I merged elements of models created or shared by several designers into Moebest's bin form factor to create more tightly-packed designs or make minor adjustments to better fit the Stanley organizer. I also acknowledge that the designers mentioned remixed and were inspired by other designers I have not listed.

Republic Y-Wing - Lower Half: Removed the rounded bottom edge from RonPossible's design to be consistent with Moebest's bin exterior.
ARC x2: Inspired by 3D Pressure's excellent design. Lowered the z position of the ships to account for the organizer's corners molded in the lid. The ships fit closer together, but unfortunately there is not enough room for dial slots.
ARC x1: Lowered the z position of the ship.
B-Wings x2: This remix of MoeBest's bin accommodates one each of a first and second edition B-wing.
Delta-7 x3: Merging modified vertical slots from ohgodbrando's Delta 7 bin with MoeBest's A-wing x3 bin fit 3 Aethersprites with dials in a 1x2 space.
Naboo N-1: RonPossible's 2 N-1 bin pushed to the limit with 3 ships now in the same space. Pure efficiency.
V-19 Torrent x4: Removed the dial slots from 3D Pressure's 2 Torrent bin to make room for more Torrents.

The Naboo and V-19 bins are functional but need work to bring them up to the quality of the others. The center slot on the Naboo bin is lower than the other two. After printing, I realized it isn't necessary. Also, there's a pinch point at the top of the tail. The walls of the V-19 bin are thinner than other bins. The ship slots could be closer together to fix that to fix that. I intend to fix these eventually.

Official Raspberry Pi Zero Case, Cloned

This is a clone of the Raspberry Pi Zero case sold by Raspberry Pi.

I created it in Fusion 360. I started with the square box, and then created a planar mesh to cut the unique rounded shape out of the top. I then thickened this same mesh to create the top. The Fusion 360 file is provided in case you want to modify it.

The lid aslo fits the genuine case and vice versa.

For maximum irony, I printed it on my Fysetc Prusa Mini clone.

Drift Tires 20mm ID

Drift wheels for k969/989 or any other car with 20mm wheels.
ID 20mm
OD 24.5

Echo Dot Answering Machine

These are custom parts I made to combine the enclosure from a Panasonic Answering Machine [Model KX-T1421] and the electronic innards of Second generation Amazon Echo Dot.

You can see the build documentation of this project from this Indestructibles link:
Link to be posted soon!

boat motor outlock lever

This is the part that makes your boat motor move you forward. Feel free to tinker. This fits a Johnson 28 HP.