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Thingiverse ist eines der bekanntesten Verzeichnisse für druckbare 3D-Objekte im Internet, welches von der Firma Makerbot betrieben wird.

Nahezu täglich stellen dort unzählige Enthusiasten neue nützliche 3D-Objekte aus den Bereichen Kunst, Haushalt, Hobby, Schmuck, Bildung sowie Werk- und Spielzeug vor. Neben einer mehr oder weniger ausführlichen Beschreibung und Bebilderung stehen meist auch die druckbaren STL-Dateien kostenfrei zum Download bereit.

HINWEIS: Vor einer kommerziellen Nutzung von 3D-Objekten sollte man trotz der Kostenfreiheit im Sinne der fairen Nutzung des Designs immer den Kontakt zum Ersteller suchen und eine Art Lizenz- bzw. Nutzungsgebühr für das Design aushandeln.

Auf dieser Seite findet ihr eine Übersicht der 30 neuesten Objekte auf Thingiverse (in englisch):

locking pliers

i changed the original one piece into a 4 legged print in place piece.

it is stronger and will hold a lot of weight.

Modern Marvels - December 2023 60s Space Capsule

A 1960s style Space Capsule for your tabletop miniature and role-playing games. If you like this free files please check out our Patreon here...


nonPareil institute is committed to building better futures for adults with autism through technical and work-readiness training and social engagement activities. These 3d models were created by former nonPareil Institute students and staff members who help other adults on the autism spectrum explore their technical passions and skills. You can check us out at www.npusa.org and www.powersourcing.net

DRZ400 Front Turn Signal Adapter

Simple adapters to mount pod style turn signals onto the factory turn signal mounts of a DRZ400S or DRZ400SM. The file contains two parts, one labeled "inner" and another part labeled "outer." You will need to print two of each part in order to have a set. The "inner" part seats on the inward facing surface of the turn signal bracket and the "outer" part seats on the outward facing surface of the turn signal bracket.

Here is a link to the YouTube video where we use these:

The turn signal this part was designed for is located here:

Monitor Stand

I designed this on onshape.com. I did it to take benefit of adding my own dimensions. I'm adding solidworks file too. So you can modify the dimensions yourself.

Height 150mm
Width 160mm
Thickness 15mm

I had some spare plywood lying around, created groove according to its dimensions.
Length 147mm
Width - 12.2mm

Printed in 0.3mm layer height in Extra Fast Setting with 25% infill in Anycubic Cobra Neo in 7 hours, 1 part. Very sattisfied with results

New AirWick ordinary spray adapter

This is adapter to use any spray can (height 210mm) with AirWick dispenser.

Teardown badge (ComputerGame)

Its a badge from voxel game with name Teardown!

15x110 Thru-axle adapter for the Tacx Spider Team Repair Stand (T3050)

Thru-axle adapter for the Tacx Spider Team Repair Stand (T3050).

The dimensions are for 15mm × 110mm thru-axle forks, Designed for boost mtb thru axles

WHO cares Key Holder

While on deployment one of my guys would always ask WHO then say cares, so I decided to make him a key holder that says it. nothing fancy just funny and relatable.

Cigarette Box (for 2 cigarettes)

This is a small box for 2 cigarettes, designed to be carried in a pocket.

Print the main part in white and the lid in brown or yellow to make it look like cigarettes.

BMW pendant

BMW pendant made for multicolor printing

Basic Phone Stand

Simple phone holder.

Patch Panel for 10 Inch Network Rack

This is a Patch-Panel for 10"-Serverracks for eight Connectors.

Giant Land Shark Fantasy Monster

A giant land shark and an 80mm textured base for your tabletop games.

One or more textures on the bases presented in this pack of these 3d models have been created with photographs from Textures.com. These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit www.textures.com for more information.

nonPareil institute is committed to building better futures for adults with autism through technical and work-readiness training and social engagement activities. These 3d models were created by former nonPareil Institute students and staff members who help other adults on the autism spectrum explore their technical passions and skills.


Spining Christmas Star.

version 1 is for hangning, version 2 is for the top (bottom Diameter of the conus is 15 mm).

Thank you And Enjoy it : )

Guys! if you download the files, please do me a favour like the video and sub to my youtube.




Disney Key

This 3D model, is an intricately designed replica of a Motel Key strewn from the fantasy world of Disney's 'Once Upon a Time'

Wall mount Tuya smart switch case with text area

This is a remix, added text area for label.

Fnatic Streak65 LP replacement leg

Replacement legs/stands for the Fnatic Streak65 LP mini keyboard.
Print with the flat surface on the buildplate (orientation like in the model).
Should take about 10minutes to print.

RV cookie cutter

It should be cookie cutter looks like semi integrated RV. I have not printed it yet.

Batman Arkham Knight Cleansed.

This a cleansed and fixed version of Year1984Wee's batman bust. Should work just fine without supports.

Rollei Actioncam 300 battery cover

Simple battery cover for the Rollei 300 Action Cam

Virpil Flaps Detent (2 Detents)

Virpil 2 Flaps

Resident Evil Derringer

This is a Derringer from Resident Evil 1.
Fixed for printing

Oberon Class Submarine

The model of the well known Oberon Class Submarines. It is 1 meter long and in one piece. You can scale down the model as your printer permits and print. This is a low poly version of the file.

You can freely download a high-poly version of this model from my site https://www.endtas.com

At the site you can also buy the model as a large file package that includes the newest and most advanced version in 30+ separate-more detailed STL files for easier printing. By using the pack you can build a remote controlled a sub with moving dive planes, rudder, turning propellers etc.

Please like this model, check my other submarines-stuff, and follow me for my future work.

Extension Cord Mount

I had a very specific need to hold this https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-25FT-16AWG-3-Prong-Green-Triple-Outlet-Outdoor-Extension-Cord/492951173?athbdg=L1600 extension cord, so I made one in Fusion, so here it is!

Plebstyle Striking Aid for Your Bitcoin Seed Phrase

🔒 Striking Aid for your Bitcoin Seed Phrase 🌱

Based on: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4810788
Original version: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4590734
A heartful thanks to you! 🙏

Summary of Changes:

  • Optimized for all Discs and Washers with 18mm Outer Diameter
  • Heavy 3mm stamps with 8.3mm x 8.3mm

Enhancements for a More Aesthetic Results:

  • Increase in overall size (40mm x 46mm x 26mm), especially to provide better guidance of the stamping tools and a stable stance when using heavier tools.
  • Reduction of gap/clearance between the two parts

To discover more about Plebstyle, visit https://pleb.style



Corner LED strip lamp

TomTom Start 60 Mount

This holder replaces the original holder from TomTom. It is simply clamped to the back of the TomTom Start 60.
The clamp is supplemented by a base plate that can also be adapted to other windshield holders.

Knob for Baofeng UV-5R radio

I modeled this knob for Baofeng UV-5R radio as spare part.