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Thingiverse ist eines der bekanntesten Verzeichnisse für druckbare 3D-Objekte im Internet, welches von der Firma Makerbot betrieben wird.

Nahezu täglich stellen dort unzählige Enthusiasten neue nützliche 3D-Objekte aus den Bereichen Kunst, Haushalt, Hobby, Schmuck, Bildung sowie Werk- und Spielzeug vor. Neben einer mehr oder weniger ausführlichen Beschreibung und Bebilderung stehen meist auch die druckbaren STL-Dateien kostenfrei zum Download bereit.

HINWEIS: Vor einer kommerziellen Nutzung von 3D-Objekten sollte man trotz der Kostenfreiheit im Sinne der fairen Nutzung des Designs immer den Kontakt zum Ersteller suchen und eine Art Lizenz- bzw. Nutzungsgebühr für das Design aushandeln.

Auf dieser Seite findet ihr eine Übersicht der 30 neuesten Objekte auf Thingiverse (in englisch):

Gandalf Rune Wax Seal Stamp

This is a Lord of the Rings-inspired wax seal stamp, modeled after the runic mark Gandalf leaves on Bilbo's door. Designed in Nomad Sculpt. Made as part of my groomsmen proposal gifts for my wedding later this year.

I printed this stamp on my Ender 3.

NOTE: This file is NOT for the wax seal itself. The seals were made by pressing the stamp into hot glue, which themselves were painted silver.

Be sure to check out my other files, including a Leaf of Lorien Elven brooch!

Leaf of Lorien Elven Brooch

This is a Lord of the Rings-inspired Elven brooch, or Leaf of Lórien, as seen in Fellowship of the Ring. Designed in Nomad Sculpt. Made as groomsmen proposal gifts for my wedding later this year.

I printed these on my Ender 3.

Be sure to check out my other files, including a Gandalf rune stamp I made for faux wax seals!

Disco Ball Cutter and Stamp

Disco ball inspired cookie cutter and stamp

Print at 0.2mm layer with monotonic top layer or ironing turned on for best results.

Buy Me A Coffee

support for LED strip controller

a support to grip the magic controller.

un soporte para agarrar el control magic.


Wheelie Bot

A robot that used to serve people, but now serves to smash people!

I built this guy to be more optimal for FDM printing, but I'm sure it'll look fantastic in SLA as well. The whole model is included, mostly for example, but it is printable if you want. I recommend printing in pieces (especially if printing in FDM) with supports and raft on for best results.

If you like my work and want to see (and print) more of it, please consider stopping over at my online miniatures store at Punkin' Figs. All of my 3D printable releases are printed before release to insure that they print well even on a simple, starter FDM printer.

EV3 Lego Piece

Made this for a class project. I will try my best to answer any questions you have about making pieces for Lego Mindstorm EV3.

Coffin Jewellery Box

Coffin Jewellery Box.

You'll need 4 8x3mm neodymium magnets.

Print out six handles and one of everything else. Superglue the handles and magnets into the box, superglue the top adornment into the lid and the cross into the top adornment (cross can only go one way).

Voila, you have a disturbingly stylish box to put your mortal valuables into.

No supports are needed.

Happy Printing.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an American cartoon character co-created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. The longtime mascot of The Walt Disney Company, Mickey is an anthropomorphic mouse who typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves.

Taking inspiration from silent film personalities such as Charlie Chaplin's Tramp, Mickey is traditionally characterized as a sympathetic underdog who gets by on pluck and ingenuity in the face of challenges much bigger than himself.

The character’s status as a small mouse is personified through his diminutive stature and falsetto voice, the latter of which was originally provided by Disney.

Mickey is one of the world's most recognizable and universally acclaimed fictional characters of all time.

Print Instructions:

Supports: Yes (See below)

Resolution: .2mm

Infill: 10%

Model is 23cms tall

Refer to the notes below for a few helpful printing and assembly instructions.

Building the model



eye_white_left.stl (with supports)
eye_white_right.stl (with supports)



Yellow or Gold:

Any Colour (Hidden)
body_ pin.stl

Printing and Assembly tips:

Refer to the assembly diagrams in the pictures section as well as the uploaded pictures for putting the model together. The model is meant to be glued.

Body.stl may need supports added to the arms.

Eyes have versions with built in supports or without if you want to add your own supports.

The second picture has a much wider face. If you want to make this version then print crazy_face.stl and crazy_mouth.stl rather than face and mouth.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, feedback is essential to making better models.

Simple cage bird feeder

Print 100% infil with 20% supports. Scale should be right and when installing, insert between vertical metal bars and then pull down to position wanted.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Hexagon Flex Case W/ Button Covers

Remix of PecceG2's S20 FE TPU Hexagon Case. Almost exactly the same, but I added a cover over the volume and power buttons that make them significantly easier to press IMO. I printed in flex PLA+ at 30mm/s 195C on Ender 3 w/ aluminum extruder. I have the magnetic bed but this filament stuck too well so I put packing tape on it. This won't fit on your phone if you're using a rigid material; its a snug fit with flexible.

Wall-Mountable Bitcoin

Just made a solid post behind the original Bitcoin Coin Display.

This is mounted using a single 3m wall mounting strip.

Flsun Cube Pantalla

Les agradecería si me siguen en YouTube y en Instagram, hago tutoriales y explico las cosas que subo. Te dejo mis redes, espero que le sirva el STL.
I would appreciate it if you follow me on YouTube and Instagram, I make tutorials and explain the things I upload. I leave you my networks, I hope the STL works for you.


USB Inquisitorial Rosette

In my mind, the inquisitorial rosette could be more than just a symbol of authority or personal identification of the inquisitor, but also a true portable database to store all kinds of digital tools and information that a humble servant of the Emperor would need to do his daily duties.

So, you know the rest of the story. Using what i learned for my S.T.A.R.S. badge USB case, i made this USB Inquisitorial Rosette for all your roleplaying/cosplay/Inquisition-fan purposes.

The rosette come in two flavors: belt-clip version and keychains/necklaces version. Obviously you will also need a USB drive and some sanding/filing to make the pieces fit and slide smoothly.

My assembling idea is simply glue together both front and back pieces, but if you feel handy enough, you could try drill some holes and use screws instead. Currently im not skilled enough in 3D modeling to make proper screw holes in models, but if you can please be my guest.

Original rosette link: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/darktide-inquisition-rosette-weapon-charm

Death Trooper Chest Rig Magazine

Original was hollow so I filled it and added a detail to the top. I have posted this on the Spec Ops forum to see if it will be cleared for 501st use. Will update the file if it needs tweeks.

LIDL Glider Wing Tip Extensions

LIDL Glider Wing Tip Extensions - For Wing with dihedral.

Extends the LIDL wingspan to 1200mm

Print height: 0.12
Line width: 0.4
2 Bottom layers
2 Top layers
2 Wall lines
Line infill with direction set to [0,90] 10mm spacing

Ender-3 S1 Temperature Humidity Meter Mount

Temperature Humidity Meter Mount for Ender-3 S1 / S1 Pro.

This is just a remix of following two models.

Thanks to the original creators.

Baby W.H.A.L.E Hovercraft V1


Unrefined prototype V1 at this stage.

Protector Aluminium Easy Screen Blade Endcap

Ok, we as makers tend to use products for things other than their intended purpose, in my case, I made a mount for my recovery tracks out of this Easy Screen Blade that I found from Bunnings, but because my use was different from the intended use, the end caps I needed didn't exist, I also failed to find any designs out there, so what was I going to do, make my own of course.

Standing Buffalo Valve Stems

Printed on Bambu X1C with AMS so printed base black and buffalo red

5 inch photo frame stand

5 inch photo frame stand

double sided tape

Tippmann Model 98 Rear Sight

Goes between the clamshells as a rear sight. The aperture sight can take about 9 pounds of force for a PETG print. Strong, but there's not a lot of plastic there.
Printed using PETG, 240 nozzle temp, 80 bed temp, brim adhesion.

Stop Keep Out

dual layer stop keep out sign

IQ Blox Piece

Sword guard(tsuba) of Tanjiro's katana(카마도 탄지로의 검의 코등이)

애니메이션 '귀멸의 칼날'의 등장인물 '카마도 탄지로'의 검의 코등이입니다.

This is a sword guard of Kamado Tanjiro's katana.

Ender-3 S1 Canted Spool Arm for Filament Dryer

This is a Canted Spool Arm for Ender-3 series which has following features.

• Compatible with original Ender-3 spool holder shaft joint.
• Short shaft with dropout-proof side guard.
• Enable to use Filament Dryer without any MOD on filament sensor.(Empty 250g spools can be used as reel)

NOTE: Need tree supports.

This is an remix of following two models.

Better to use with following Spool Cap

1-100 Building rubble

These are the rubble pieces I used to make
I thought maybe you guys would have a use for them.

Snapmaker 2.0 Side Mount Part Cooler

Either you're looking for improved cooling, or you (like me), destroyed the original cooling duct when we didn't calibrate the bed right and ended up shoving a ball of melted filament up into it. Either way, here's a great option to cool your prints.

Thanks LtMatteo91 for your great design on part cooling for the Snapmaker 2.0. I've made just a few improvements, for those of us looking for them.

  • I didn't have a 4010 blower, but I had a 4020, so I redesigned the outer duct to take the larger fan.
    Connected the ducts and plate to print together, allowing the blower fans to sit flatter on the plate
    Added an male connector to the duct, creating a more airtight connection between the outer plate and duct
    *Added a duct that wraps around the nozzle, distributing the cooling around three sides.

LtMatteo91 did a great job of walking you through how to assemble these. My only addition is to pay attention to the polarity of the blower. Mine plug was wired opposite of the original Snapmaker plug. I had to pull it back apart to figure out why it wasn't blowing.

There's some level of disassembly required, but you will not have to adjust any electronics. Make sure you disconnect power before disassembling the electronic board on the left. I, nor LtMatteo91, are responsible for any damage done to your Snapmaker.

Giant Labelling Paperclip (Thin & Printable Without Supports)

This is a Remix of PlasticBits' Giant labelling paperclip. I found that the model's design made it impossible to print without supports and that it was far too thick to put on paper without bending it a lot.

This is simply the PlasticBits' model cut in half!

1-100 WWI Destroyed (Sugar) Factory

There were other good factories on thingiverse, but I wanted one to represent the total wreck of a factory in WW1, like the sugar factory at the Battle of Flers–Courcelette in 1916. So I took FrimGandango's factory, added some internal details, and added rubble. I built it to go with the village ruins -

Carcassonne Tile Grid Double-Wide Additional Insert

Additional insert meant to be used with garyacrowellsr's Carcassonne Tile Grids (see source). This insert works for Carcassonne's double-wide tiles like the 20th anniversary river source tile, Markets of Leipzig tiles, and German Castles tiles. This piece snaps on top of the tile grid and allows double-wide tiles to be played like normal. Enjoy!