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Thingiverse ist eines der bekanntesten Verzeichnisse für druckbare 3D-Objekte im Internet, welches von der Firma Makerbot betrieben wird.

Nahezu täglich stellen dort unzählige Enthusiasten neue nützliche 3D-Objekte aus den Bereichen Kunst, Haushalt, Hobby, Schmuck, Bildung sowie Werk- und Spielzeug vor. Neben einer mehr oder weniger ausführlichen Beschreibung und Bebilderung stehen meist auch die druckbaren STL-Dateien kostenfrei zum Download bereit.

HINWEIS: Vor einer kommerziellen Nutzung von 3D-Objekten sollte man trotz der Kostenfreiheit im Sinne der fairen Nutzung des Designs immer den Kontakt zum Ersteller suchen und eine Art Lizenz- bzw. Nutzungsgebühr für das Design aushandeln.

Auf dieser Seite findet ihr eine Übersicht der 30 neuesten Objekte auf Thingiverse (in englisch):

Omega mart lemon

Decided to make an omega mart lemon to put with my fruits and scare my mom!
Original lemon:

OSD Armored Scout

An armored and armed mechanical scout for the old space dweller. The files could use some improvements quality wise, so if you improved it, post a link in the comments (or send it to me somehow and I'll update this one here).
It is fidly but should print fine (I added some structural support after a test print).

1/100 Falcon 9, Dragon, Heavy

Falcon 9

iPhone 13 Pro Max Stand

Remix of a basic iphone stand.

Widened to support iPhone 13 pro max
lowered the lip to get out of the way of the screen
Created a gap at the bottom
Made gap at bottom wide enough to expose microphone and speaker


DIY Onewheel Pressure Plate - Offset Switches

The original of this has the switches centered, which I am currently using on my diy onewheel. I think this would work a lot better and be safer if it were offset as to act more as a heel switch.

Protip: Don't bother screwing the gyro/switch board to the "ow-electronics" part, glue it to the bottom of this pressure plate using hot glue. This will make more sense when I post more pictures and add more files when I have completed working on my modifications to this.

Disclaimer: I have not printed this as of 1/18/22 but I sure will.

Aquila Tool Holder Remixed

Quick remix:

Removed branding
Added holes for screwdrivers
Added an extra hangar for a set of pliers


Cover for the Smart Bell 2.0 by Mighty Paw

This design was created during a YouTube tutorial on using Tinkercad to create a 3d model on the Master Tron Tamer channel. This DIY video takes the student through the whole process of making her or his first Tinkercad design. This video is targeted at someone who has never used Tinkercad.

YouTube Video

IKEA TRÅDFRI Case with Mushroom Button

A mushroom/plunger button for the IKEA TRÅDFRI dimmer remote. The remote just sits in the case and it is turned on/off by the plunger. It's the first real thing I've designed, and it's super simple. I use it paired with a wifi outlet as an emergency stop for my printer, but it can really be used for anything.

Totally Unoriginal Reloading Device for Nerf Caliburn

Do you own a HalfDart Caliburn?
Do you often play with neanderthals who haven't seen the light?
Are you often caught out with no darts because you can't reload your Katana/Talon mags with Long darts?
Let me introduce the Totally Unoriginal Reloading Device!

Long story short, I took the standard Katana upper magwell and opened up the top so I can drop in Halfdarts, LongDarts, Marshmallows, -redacted-(see I Did A Thing on YouTube), or anything else I see fitting into the barrel.
The ones I found online didn't leave much in the way of strength for the main mounting points, or did away with the Takedown pins in favour of strength, so I made it myself.

WARNING- Ram will be under spring tension, so if you're not confident your trigger sear holding onto the plunger tube, perhaps fix that first or end up with a busted finger.

Your choice.


Next up is a Awesomely Retentioned Spring Externally Opened Lock.
Simply a quick spring swap access hatch similar to the Swifts system.

Like my design? Wanna throw me some change? Send it to my wife instead at https://paypal.com/paypalme/lauracole77

Dice Tray Remix

This is a simplified remix of a dice tray found here on Thingiverse.

DIY Onewheel Anti-Nosedive Safety Wheels - Combined with OW-Electronics

My first ride I took on the DIY OneWheel (by ddirito) that I made, I took a good hard fall from a nosedive. Luckily I was wearing full motorcycle gear and emerged unscathed. Looking around on the internet I see OneWheel riders have come up with the idea of adding these little wheels to the front of their machines so I came up with what you see here. I have a version of this as just the wheels that I Epoxy'd to the front of the original prints because I didn't have a printer big enough at the time to make it as one piece. The bores are meant to fit standard skateboard wheels.

Pegboard Cable Clip

Added a quick peg to this great organizer for use in a closet or area with a pegboard.

Drilled steel plate options for PrintNC

The following are basic meshes of steel plates that could substitute the Alu parts proscribed in the build for the PrintNC. The 6mm thick steel tram plate requires that the back of the Spindle clamp is also drilled.

I recommend test fitting the angle block before welding, with the rail slide and main 'milled' plate.

FOW Brick House V3

3D Built for Flames of War

Main Floor - no support
FIrst Floor - support - Touching buildplate
Roof - support - Touching buildplate

Each floor will accomodate 2 medium bases

Surface Duo 2 clip on case

Wanted some kind of protection that could easily be taken on and of.

The front case slides nicely into place while the back piece is a bit more fiddly thanks to the camera bump. It sits really snug and won't fall of easily.

You might need to scale the model slightly depending on your printer to get as good fit as possible.

Cobra Commander Button

15% infill
No Supports

Grinder Dust Shroud

This is a vacuum dust shroud for a 4.5in angle grinder, when using a concrete diamond grinding wheel.

This cover worked great on my Dewalt 4.5" angle grinder and did a great job reducing/eliminating the dust from grinding concrete.

There are two versions:
A version with a pivoting shroud (2 parts required) - which would enable grinding up close to walls/other surfaces.
A simplified version without the open side for a pivoting guard.

I cannot confirm that it will work on all angle grinders, but if the OD of where you would mount guards on your grinder is at or near 44.2mm (my grinder dimension) then this should work great!

I also included a couple adapters so that it can be connected to various size hoses. I used the 2.25" adapter for my shop vac, so I haven't tested the other adapter out yet. If you need a certain size I would be happy to create an additional adapter size for your specific needs.

All that is required beyond these parts is an adjustable hose clamp (2in) to secure the shroud to your grinder.

4 Channel Relay Phasedock Slide

This is a Phase Dock slide for a 4 channel relay module. This allows you to couple a 4 channel relay module to a Phase Dock project organizer. To mount to a Phase Dock workbench, this slide should be paired with a 2x3 1.03L click. I personally tested this with a Workbench 1007 with the optional lid on, and the module will fit with room to spare even on the outermost mount points.

Not all four channel relays will work with this slide, even ones very similar to the one pictured. A good way to check if yours is the same module is to compare the positions of the optocouplers and the resistors to the board pictured above.

22 a day

Everyday 22 Veterans commit suicide! This is for all of them!

Dremel Exhaust Vac Dust Collector Flexible

Remix to fit a Dremel pen and my shop vac.

Nominal Clamp diameter = 26mm

Hose Adapter diameter = 32mm tapered to 31mm

Rotary Axis For Diode Laser with Nano Chuck

Remixed to fix fitment and tolerance issues with original. Also uses a modified chuck from the "Nano Chuck" with a backplate instead of c clip as the clip would easily release under pressure. All holes have been sized for 5/16 threaded rods / bolts, 608zz bearings, and 3mm seld tapping screws.

The backplate should have a washer and then nut+jamnut combo to be held in place with minimal pressure. Any substatial pressure will bind the scrollplate. I used the bearing, then nut, then 5mm to 8mm spring adaptor for this purpose.

DIY Onewheel Anti-Nosedive Safety Wheels

My first ride I took on the DIY OneWheel (by ddirito) that I made, I took a good hard fall from a nosedive. Luckily I was wearing full motorcycle gear and emerged unscathed. Looking around on the internet I see OneWheel riders have come up with the idea of adding these little wheels to the front of their machines so I came up with what you see here. Print these how you will, 100% infill isn't necessary but to be honest I don't remember what my settings were. Keep in mind they are meant to take the brunt your body weight. They are meant to fit a standard set of skateboard wheels. I glued mine to the "OW_Electronics" print using two part plastic cement epoxy and they haven't fallen off yet. It doesn't look pretty but it does the trick. I have also uploaded a version with this part merged with the "OW_Electronics" file to print as one piece if you have the print bed for it.

Ender 3 Y Axis Wyxe cam mount Remix

The original didn't work, it collided with the gear and blocked the bed from sliding back all the way. this one works exactly as intended.

TBS Tango2 Module Bay Cover

Remix with a simple geometric design detail instead of the TBS logo.

Anetillery A-8winder

you leave your Anet-A8 with your Sidewinder in the same room for one night...

Whetstone sharpening helper 97.5x35

Size of stone :
length 97.5mm
width : 35mm
height : from 10.8mm to 27mm

Spoon Holder

Are you tired that the spoon always fall into a container? well with Spoon Holder this problem is over!

TableWar Tray Stopper

Set of stoppers for either 1, 2, or 3 slots in the TableWar Tower carrying cases.

These will help you position your trays. The stoppers press fit into the trays.

Pictured are two sets of the 3 slots stoppers. I have not tested the 1 and 2 slots, but I decided to model them up for this post.

1.5" Two Sided Wire Grommet

We are using Billy Bookcases for our entertainment center/gaming system area. I drilled 1.5" holes through all the shelves (and the side going to the TV) for wires. Made these to cover up the particle board edges. Most grommets on thingiverse only look nice on top, I wanted a version that would look good from both the top and bottom of the shelves. They should dry fit snug, or you can use a small bit of glue to hold them together. They will adjust to different thicknesses, from approximately .75" thick to 1" thick. Might add a cover later on, but right now it's just to protect the hole that's been cut in the wood.

Small Dosage Automatic Fish Feeder

Modified version from pefozzy's design (base, arm reference design) and MarcDuGard's design (bowl), adapted for a smaller dosage size. The dispensing hole is 4mm in diameter, which is roughly 3 betta pellets - sometimes 2, sometimes 4. This is about right for my tank.

More or less any servo should work - I'm a 55g 40x20mm servo since they were readily cheap + available + metal gearbox.

code here